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Joe Bowden 

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Drummer Joe Bowden began to compose, produce and record in 2010 and released his first critically acclaimed album, Voices In My Head, in 2012. Fast forward ten years and you can see the growth in all facets of his musical offerings.
His latest and fifth album. Black to the Roots. features an international 'A 
Team" to  deliver his compositions to the world. With the support of Manuel Valera's piano,  Jesse Ryan saxophone and Mike Downes bass Bowden's compositions come to life.
Black To The Roots is a mix of high energy driven originals, with a tasted of atin and jazz fusion vibes.


Arrangements by Jesse Ryan and Manuel Valera, co-write on 'Obvious with Manuel Valera,

"Black to the Roots" - Joe Bowden
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Bookings: Greg Gooding


Tel: +1 416 882 3330

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