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Jay Douglas

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Jay Douglas has always had a strong connection with jazz and blues which shows throughout his new album

“Confession”. What makes “Confession” special is that it transports the listener back to a place in time when a

new music was born in America. Post WWII a group of musicians from the Mississipi Delta landed in Memphis,

Tennessee and became instrumental in creating a new form of Memphis Blues that eventually produced some

of the early electric blues, rhythm-and-blues and rock-and-roll recordings. This fraternity of musicians who

played around town known as the “Beele Streeters” included names such as B.B. King, Johnny Ace, Ike Turner,

Bobby Bland and Rosco Gordon. In New Orleans there was trumpeter, composer, arranger and record producer

called Dave Barholomew who was also a key 􀃶gure in the transition from jump blues and swing to R&B with

his many compositions, recordings and productions with artists such as Fats Domino and Jewel King.

This music reached Jamaica by way of a late night transmission coming from a Florida radio station that was picked up on radios throughout the island. One particular “Beele Streeter”, pianist and singer Rosco Gordon created a style of piano playing known as “The Rosco Rhythm” and made a number of his early recordings for Sam Phillips at Sun Records.

This rhythm places the accent on the off beats, and is widely cited as the foundation of Jamaican ska and reggae music. Later in life Jay and Roco’s paths would cross: “Many years ago, a promoter in Toronto asked me to put a band together for a visiting famous blues singer from the USA whose

name is Rosco Gordon. Working with Rosco gave me so much inspiration for my blues recordings. “I'm in Love With You” produced by the Maestro Eddie Bullen lends to that blues style.”

Many of Jay‘s musical friends came together to make this a project of love. J

une Garber joins Jay in a duet of “There’s Something On Your Mind” and Reggae songstress Nana McLean joins Jay on a rendition of “Since I Met You Baby” accompanied with longtime friend harmonica player Danny "B".

"The arrangements throughout my album were the work of Michael Arthurs who assembled a great group of musicians to make the music pop.”

Jay Douglas’ ability to connect with listeners and paint a picture with his lyrics is truly something special and always humbling. Growing up in Jamaica, Douglas was drawn to blues, jazz, gospel and country.

He writes music he loves that he believes will love him back.


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