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Neil Brathwaite Group - "Bee Thankful"

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Neil Brathwaite Group ( NBG - Not Bad Guys) is led by Neil Brathwaite on tenor sax and soprano with Eric Boucher on piano, Fender Rhodes and organ, Clark Johnson on bass and Ben Riley on drums.

The history of this group dates back to their many years playing together as the regular Monday night house band for a soul food/Caribbean restaurant in downtown Toronto called Harlem Underground. Unfortunately in 2019 the restaurant closed its doors but the vibes that echoed through those walls every Monday night are still alive and captured in their debut album titled "Bee Thankful". It features 12 original composition written by the leader Neil Brathwaite and an interesting cover of the 

Blondie classic "Rapture".

"Bee Thankful" - Neil Brathwaite Group (Downloadable files)

                Neil Brathwaite Group​

Neil Brathwaite - tenor sax, soprano sax

Eric Boucher - piano, Fender Rhodes, organ

Clark Johnson - bass

Ben Riley - drums

Guests Artists:

Alexis Baro - trumpet (Bee Swing)

Ted Peters - trombone (Bee Swing)

Michael Occipinti - guitar (Toonz Two)

Mark Hundevad - vibraphone (Lullaby For Yoo)

Mark Mosca - steel pan (Modulosis)

Papiosco - percussion (Modulosis)


I would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario and Toronto Arts Council.

Neil Brathwaite

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