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Jay Douglas


Award-winning reggae music master Jay Douglas throughout his time of entertaining has developed into an internationally idolized musical renaissance man thanks to his wide-ranging repertoire of Reggae.

Recently honored with the prestigious 2024 Bob Marley Day Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to empowering the community through his music, as well as the esteemed Mabel-Helen-Rose Foundation Stone Award, Jay Douglas continues to shine as a cherished icon among music enthusiasts.

Jay Douglas first graced the stage, igniting a passion for music that transcends borders and captivates audiences worldwide as the frontman of Toronto band "The Cougars" in the late '60s.  Jay mesmerized audiences in Montreal and Toronto's Yonge Street nightclubs, igniting the burgeoning music scene with his voice and infectious energy. From the inaugural Caribana Festival to prestigious venues like Koerner Hall and Roy Thompson Hall, Jay's performances have become synonymous with excellence and innovation.

Described by Now Magazine as a "treasure trove of Toronto-Jamaican musical history," Jay's impact transcends mere entertainment; he embodies a cultural bridge connecting communities through the universal language of music. His work with local community leaders and politicians in support of “Reggae Lane” in Little Jamaica is well documented.

His collaborations with renowned internationally known reggae artists and contributions to seminal projects like Seattle-based record label Light in the Attic Records' retrospective album and their record-breaking tour “From Jamaica to Toronto” celebrating the arrival of reggae to North America underscore his profound influence on the genre.

On September 19, 2015, Jay debuted "Reggae Lane," a heartfelt ode to the genre's legacy, coinciding with the unveiling of a monumental mural celebrating its history—a testament to his enduring commitment to preserving and promoting reggae culture.

Accolades such as three JUNO Awards nominations and the Toronto Reggae Awards' "Male Reggae Vocalist of the Year" only scratch the surface of Jay's illustrious career. His recent honors with the Bob Marley Day Lifetime Achievement Award and The Mabel-Helen-Rose Foundation Stone Award serve as fitting tributes to a musical luminary whose legacy continues to inspire generations, ensuring that his rhythm echoes eternally in the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Jay Douglas and Olivia Chow.jpeg

Jay with Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow at the The Bob Marley Humanitarian Award reception

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