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Omar Sosa is a Cuban born pianist, band leader and composer who has been releasing Jazz, Latin, Cuban, African, & Spiritual albums for more than 20 years. In that time, he has grown a steady following and garnered accolades that include a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Smithsonian Associates, orchestral commissions, National Endowment For The Arts funding, and a continuous stream of awards (including seven GRAMMY nominations). Omar Sosa tours internationally and is known and loved by jazz and world music fans alike. The one thing that Omar Sosa has never done is put out any of his music on vinyl until now. This is where the Jazz Amnesty Sound System (J.A.S.S.), step in. Besides being jazz aficionados and big Omar Sosa fans, the duo has collectively composed, recorded, performed, and released music as artists themselves.

With the blessing of Omar Sosa's label Otá Records, J.A.S.S. has compiled a flowing collection of music culled from Omar's early CD releases and pressed a limited run of LP's for fans who have been yearning for his music on wax.. Packaged as a double LP with original cover art from HVW8 artist and co-founder Gene Pendon with extensive liner notes from McGill University educator and professional pianist David Ryshpan.

Omar Sosa and Jazz Amnesty Sound System in collaboration with Canadian jazz label G-THREE present to Jazz and World Music vinyl collectors some of Omar Sosa's finest recorded work from his previous releases in this two-record LP, 'An AfroCuban Excursion'.


Vinyl collectors rejoice!"

"Sosa is one of the truly illuminated minds of world jazz."
-Phillip Van Vleck, Billboard

"Omar Sosa has all the traits necessary to become one of the important figures in jazz."
-Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"Sosa's music is an exploration of African culture with a global perspective. In his pan-African/pan-Latin approach, Orisha music, hip-hop, rumba, jazz, and Gwana ritual music are just different expressions of the same culture."
-Fernando Gonzalez, DownBeat

"Sosa's pianisms evoke distant echoes of McCoy Tyner's power, Keith Jarrett's improvisational flights of fancy, and Thelonious Monk's angular harmonies transforming the piano into 88 well-tuned drums"
-Eugene Holley, The Village Voice

Front Cover (Omar Sosa) 2000.jpg
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