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Aubrey Dayle & 13go
with special guest Vernon Reid


Drummer and clinitician Aubrey Dayle has toured with James ‘Blood’ Ulmer, Hassan Hakmoun (support act for Peter Gabriel), God Street wine, The John Popper Band, Sam Rivers, Ernest Ranglin and several other artists. While living in New York City, he performed in diverse situations. He spent two years on Broadway performing on the show “Bring in ‘Da Noise Bring in Da Funk”. He also performed on the  David Letterman show and the Jay Leno show as part of the John Popper Band. Aubrey also performed at the famous Carnegie Hall with the New York Metro Mass choir.

Aubrey continues to work with James ‘Blood’ Ulmer in a trio, The Music Revelation Ensemble, and with his Memphis Blood Blues band that features guitarist Vernon Reid. He also leads a project called “My id” that occasionally includes Vernon Reid as a special guest. He has released three CDs with “My id”. Both CDs include special guest performances by Vernon Reid and other great artists.  His latest project is called “13go” with bassist Ian DeSouza and Kim Ratcliffe. This project was also produced by Living Colour’s guitarist, Vernon Reid.

Experience the Unparalleled Fusion: Introducing 13go!

Welcome to the electrifying world of 13go, a groundbreaking fusion band that transcends musical boundaries and delivers an unmatched sonic experience. Led by the dynamic duo of renowned drummer Aubrey Dayle and virtuoso guitarist Kim Radcliff, 13go takes you on a mesmerizing journey where genres merge, melodies intertwine, and rhythms ignite.

13go pushes the boundaries of music by blending diverse genres such as jazz, rock, and funk.

With their extraordinary talent and unwavering passion, Aubrey Dayle and Kim Radcliff create an alchemical fusion that defies categorization. Brace yourself for an exhilarating collision of styles, where intricate jazz improvisations meet fiery rock riffs, and soulful melodies intertwine with infectious grooves.

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